Salt Firing - at Spiral Ridge Pottery

John loads glazed pots into the kiln during a workshop
I offer an opportunity for potters to have the experience of firing their work in my salt kiln. The interaction of the salt with the clay creates a unique, organic surface on the pottery.

I try to schedule 3-4 workshops each year. I advertise to those interested once I have dates set aside. To be on the list to get information about dates, please send me your email address.

Each workshop is similar in structure. Below is a general plan that we follow.

Day 1 we meet from 9AM to 7PM. You will glaze your pots, load the kiln, and brick up the door.

Day 2 we will meet again from 9AM to 7PM to watch and learn how to "read" the stages of the firing, add the salt, then close it up tight to cool.

At least 3 days later, when the pots have cooled, we will return to unload the kiln, clean the shelves, and admire our pots.

Fee $205. Ages 15-Adult. Class limited to 8 students

Photos from previous workshops

Stephanie glazes her pieces for the firing
Nan, Dana, Joanne, and Cyndy plan the configuration of the shelves before the pots are taken outside and loaded into the kiln.
Joanne weighs chemicals used to make the wadding. Small wadding balls will be glued to the bottom of each pot so the pots will not stick to the shelves when the salt is introduced. The wads are removed after the firing.
Dana, George, Nan, and Stephanie work together to brick up the door.
Unloading the kiln always provides wonderful surprises!
George pulls the bricks from the salt port, as Cyndy dumps the salt in on a piece of angle iron.
Nan and George work with the others to clean the shelves after unloading.