My Work

My ceramic pieces begin with a lump of clay. I form it by hand on a potter's wheel, then manipulate it with an artistic and whimsical eye. It is decorated with colored “slip” and glaze. Pieces are then fired in my gas-fired salt kiln that I built in Shannondale, West Virginia. I am awed by nature and inspired by the organic quality of the work that is produced from this kiln. I love making functional forms: bowls, vases, cups, and plates. I often use animal forms as my inspiration. I like knowing that someone enjoys their morning coffee from one of my mugs.

I also make garden ornaments, again usually based on animal and plant forms. I am an avid gardener and have always enjoyed decorating my garden just as I do my home. The birds are painted with designs based on the head-markings of actual birds. The salt-fired surface of these pieces is especially at home in the landscape.

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Garden ornaments
Salt-fired Stoneware

Garden Bird

15" across
Thrown and altered stoneware with slip decoration
Based on markings of a Harris Sparrow

Face “Rock”

7" tall

Toad House

12" x 12" high
Thrown and altered with additions and slip decoration

Garden Fish

12" long
Thrown and altered with additions and slip decoration


9" Tall
Thrown and altered with additions
Decorated with sponged engobes

Bird Mugs

6" tall
Thrown and altered with slip decoration

Round Footed Vase

7" tall
Thrown and altered with slip decoration

Turtle Mugs

5" tall, glazed

Bird Sugar and Creamer

5" tall with slip decorations

Peacock Vase

7" tall
Thrown, altered, joined with additions
Decorated with engobes

Tree Vases with Birds

tallest 8"

Owl Planter

7" tall with slip decoration

Flower Tumbler

6" tall with slip decorations

Green Bottle

6" across x 8" high

Round Vase

5" tall, glazed